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Reduce expenses. Use the Sherlock to price compare and purchase goods and supplies on your business. Many businesses get realized 30% savings on his or her office supplies alone. Utilize Internet price comparisons to produce leverage for greater prices with present suppliers. Save time finding obscure items. Come up with a new revenue steady stream. Create an additional revenue stream for your business by giving away a valuable Sherlock application to customers and potential customers that can save them time and money finding the lowest costs on products online. The Sherlock can save a normal family $200-$300 per month on purchases they are going to create anyway. When someone uses your Sherlock to price evaluate items online, they could generate monthly revenue for your business!

Advertise and promote your services and products. Use the powerful co-branding characteristic of the Sherlock to advertise around the front page of key search engines including Yahoo and google, Yahoo and Bing. Whenever a customer does a search using a main search engine, the Sherlock shows up on top of their browser with your branding, services or products, and a link to your web site. Internet users perform lookups with a major google search an average of 88 occasions per month. Each time that they search, the Sherlock helps your business make yet another customer impression simply by placing your personalisation and message on top of their browser.

Produce an online marketing funnel directly to your customers’ PC. Once installed, the particular Sherlock Back-office allows quick and easy alterations to the branding, concept, and links that appear on the Sherlocks you’ve allocated. Run new special offers, make and deliver on-line coupons, and talk new information about your company through the Sherlock running on your customer’s computer.

Distribute Sherlocks for your customers as a value-added service during order pleasure or as part of a customer loyalty program. Distribute Sherlocks through your existing website, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, opt-in e-mail lists, flyers, bill-inserts, and then for any channel you use to communicate with your customers.

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